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About Us

Akuna Technologies is a company engaged in providing boutique web development solutions that includes E-commerce website and responsive website design and development. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, we also have a fully fledged offshore development centre in Bangalore, India, where all of our services that includes Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Digitizing and Vectorizing etc. are carried out.

A team of dedicated, dynamic and resourceful professionals are the strength and the pillars that hold Akuna Technologies. This team has been the prime force that has driven us forward all through these years and helped us to successfully cater to the needs of many clients, both national and international. With expertise in e-commerce website design and development, among all platforms, and particularly Shopify, they have lent a hand in helping all Shopify clients increase their online presence by providing timely, accurate and reliable design and technical consulting.

Our mission is to help all our customers by providing them what they need at an affordable rate. Right from our inception, Akuna Technologies has been able to provide only the best services for our global clients that has helped them sell their merchandise online without much ado. Not only in E-commerce, but in Digital Marketing, Digitizing and Artwork Redraw Services, or any other service we cater to, we deliver only the best service that helps make your brand propagation needs easier. By delivering a string of successful services to our customers Akuna Technologies has become a stand out name in the web development industry, digital marketing industry and artwork redraw industry.

Our Vision

Akuna Technologies aims to be the best service provider, delivering innovative, pathbreaking and effective solutions for brands and organizations on each and every vertical that we ventured out into.

Our Mission

Akuna Technologies has been set up with the mission of helping our clients to increase their online presence and brand awareness by providing services that are timely, accurate and reliable.

Our Values

  • Commitment - We are committed to serve our customers in the best way and provide them with 100% of our efforts.
  • Customer Satisfaction - We are driven to ensure the highest customer satisfaction, provided even through the tiniest of services.
  • Integrity - We honestly strive to provide the best services to our customers.
  • Professionalism - Each task we undertake is carried out by adhering to the best professional practices.
  • Reliability - We provide what we say we would, thereby being your reliable business partner.


The needs of businesses in these competitive times are many. Some businesses would wish to provide their services and products online, some would wish for their brand name to reach far and wide, while some would wish to have cost effective solutions for branding.

A simple glimpse at these needs is enough to realize that these are all services related to different verticals. So, if a business needs more than one service, it needs to avail the services of more than one provider. This can often complicate things on the organization’s side, as they would have to simultaneously handle two or more service providers. Thus, realizing a potential in this sector, many organizations started to deliver multi-channel services that covered different industry verticals.

But, one of the problems businesses still had to face was that the services availed from these providers were often mediocre and substandard, that often did more harm than good. So, this is where Akuna Technologies makes its entry, as a service provider that provides only high quality and professional services, over the niches we cater to, and too wide a service catalogue we have too. Are you looking for a good, responsive and attractive platform to attract your customers, make them engage and sell you products online? Or are you a businesses trying to increase your brand awareness and let your brand name reach far and wide through the new media? Well, whatever you wish for, it needs attaining the services of a professional service provider in e-commerce store setup, digital marketing and so on, and we can assure you that we are the best.

We have concentrated our E-commerce store setup services primarily on Shopify platform, though we can assure you that we also handle the other platforms with ease. What makes Shopify great is that, it has registered itself as a great e-commerce platform that would help you easily manage your products and easily sell it to your targets. And why us for Shopify? Well, we are certified Shopify experts, the people whom Shopify have recognized as the best Shopify service provider on a wide range of areas.


Our expertise lies in

Shopify Store Setup & Configuration
Shopify Theme Customization & Designing
Shopify Ongoing Support
Shopify Catalogue Management
Shopify Point of Sale
Blog integration with Shopify store
Products Image Editing Services
Responsive Website Design & Development

Not only on Shopify or E-commerce, but our varied service catalogue also includes:

Content Marketing
Android Apps Development
iOS Apps Development
Logo Design
Vector Artwork

What is our USP

A great set of USP’s define who we are and how we perform. And those are:


Any realm that we have set foot has become our own territory. It is great thanks to a dedicated team of professionals we possess, who strive to do their very best in making us the very best. But we are always so proud to brag about being the best among Shopify experts, because, we are sure, no one can be on par with us. In Shopify services, or be it Digital Media services, or anything else we do, we have the kind of expertise and personnel with several years of track record of happily serving clients from different industry verticals.


Any project we undertake will be meticulously planned and devised after a careful scrutiny of the market and competition, in order to deliver you the best and foolproof strategy. This strategy has been the main pivot on which the success of our service has depended on, and the reason behind the broad smiles of our entire clientele.


Be it on your e-commerce site, or on your social media campaigning, we strive to deliver only those that would be professionally suited and apt to resonate you as a well-developed and maintained organization. All the simple steps we take will be only after ensuring its quality and assessing its professional imprint. With us, you can feel safe of your online reputation and increase your positive mentions.


We deliver the best and effective solutions for your e-commerce and digital marketing endeavours. With the right bunch of professionals, we can give you what you really need. We can take care of your online store needs and keep it up to date, or we can find out the right online campaigns to help you skyrocket your business. In short, we can assist you to be the best in your industry and outshine your competitors.


Once you are associated with us, we would be there to answer all your queries and accommodate your valuable suggestions. We would be available any time you need us to be and you can know real time the status of your website development or the performance of your campaign.


We love challenges, that is why we would promise you the best possible time for the completion of your work. And after setting a deadline, there is fooling around, no idling about, but only work, fast and swift, yet ensuring that our quality benchmarks are met and your expectations are fulfilled. Well, nevertheless, it would be an output that would show no strains of time constraints.